How can we help you?!

Trims is happy to offer our customers a custom design service. But in order to help you most effectively, we ask the following:

  1. TAKE PICTURES!! If we can see the area you are working in it is much easier for us to custom create something to fit your every need! There is no such thing as too many pictures! Let us see your home, how you decorate, the specific and surrounding areas, etc!

  2. BRING IN YOUR CONTAINERS! Have a vase you want to use? Bring it in for us to fill! DON'T HAVE A CONTAINER? Let us help guide you to what we think would work best!

  3. Take any necessary measurements of the space! It is important for us to know if something can only be so tall or wide!

  4. Are your working on a Budget? Let us know! We are happy to help guide you to the best bang-for-your-buck!

  5. Let us carefully and creatively design something spectacular just for you!



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